The Torque Stopper (TX) is designed to anchor the Tubing String and Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP) within the wellbore. The Torque Stopper consists of a unique anchor design, which incorporates a blade style slip that engages the casing wall and stops the right-hand rotation of the PC Pump, preventing tubing back-off.


  • Simple operation
  • The open By-Pass area allows for sand and coiled tubing to pass the tool.
  • Carbide edge on the blade ensures casing engagement
  • Inconel springs for H2S and CO2 resistance
  • Rebuilding procedure can be performed in the field.


  1. The Torque Stopper is threaded onto the tubing string above or below the PC Pump.
  2. Run the tubing to the desired setting depth and land the tubing hanger. DO NOT tighten the lock screws.
  3. Pick up the tubing string so it is just off the hanger seat and apply right hand torque to the tubing to set the anchor.
  4. Set the tubing hanger back down and lock the hanger into place.
  5. To release the Torque Stopper, rotate left ¼ to ½ turn, pull up on the tubing.
torque stopper
torque stopper