The Excalibre Torque Anchor (EXC) is designed to anchor the Tubing String and Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP) within the wellbore. The EXC consists of a unique anchor design, which incorporates 3 Floating Slips and Mount Blocks that guarantee the Torque Anchor stays concentric within the wellbore casing. The EXC stops the right-hand rotation of the PC Pump, by providing Exceptional Stabilization of the Pump which eliminates tubing back-off, caused by the torsional forces produced by the PC Pump.


  • Centralizing the Torque Anchor in the casing allows for increased production, by lifting the Slotted Tag Bar and Gas Separator intakes, off the casing ID and out of the Sand
  • The open By-Pass area and centralized design, allows for greater annular space for gas to migrate up the annulus, rather than inside the PC Pump. It also, allows for Sand to by-pass the EXC Torque Anchor and not build up on the tool
  • The Floating Slips provide a hardened drag portion to keep the teeth from contacting the casing ID on entry.
  • Solid Drive Pin and Floating Slip design for simple setting and straight pull-up release procedures.
  • Inconel springs for H2S and CO2 resistance
  • Simple rebuild procedure


The EXC is threaded onto the tubing string above or below the PC Pump. The EXC is run to the desired setting depth, and right-hand Pre-Torque is applied to the Tubing String/PC Pump. The EXC is released by straight pull-up from the wellbore.

Download PDF 194 kb (ALPRO EXC Brochure .pdf)

EXC Torque Anchor
EXC Torque Anchor