• Patented PCP system designed to keep solids from accumulating at the pump intake.
  • Hollow rotor system allows high pressure fluid to be jetted out the end of the PCP rotor.
  • Combined with a proprietary intake/tag bar system, the high-pressure fluid creates a vortex in the annulus between the tag bar and the casing, preventing the solids from settling around and plugging off the pump intake.
  • Pump geometry optimized to produce solids laden fluids once they enter the pump.
  • Simple installation. No changes from a conventional PCP.
  • Currently available in a Model 35 (35 m3/d/100rpm) and a Model 51 (51 m3/d/100rpm) with more models being engineered.
  • Nozzle configurations can be designed for different wellbore conditions

Download PDF 923 kb (ALPRO-RotaJet-Brochure.pdf)